If you are a geek

Having learned to program, maybe even having a deeper insight into a particular niche, or some complimentary domain knowledge, you came a long way. If you think about it from a big picture perspective, of all the humans who have ever lived, how many could even read and write? How many of today’s living people can do so? Certainly not the majority. Now, think of coding as an additional layer in this: as a form of literacy. And take a moment to consider how few can even do it.

Today it is easier than it ever was before to start something new. The worlds of business and social institutions are shaken up for the better. If you can code, you are equipped with one of the better weapons in this fight for good. Your Git repository that nobody cares about is only the beginning, a stepping stone on the way forward. A long trek, where the march is the goal and an insurmountable richness of adventure and treasury awaits us. Make it happen, discover the noosphere, you are one of the few elect.