First, it is a big word – courage – it stems from the French word for heart, “couer,” and this is a pointer to it’s origin, to the place it is coming from. From the core of our personhood.

Second, why should I care? What’s so important about having courage?

The third thing about courage is that it leads to a higher ability to control your life. This is important so far as long you do care what your life is all about. The contrary would be apathy – an apathetic relationship to yourself and your life.

Sure, to a certain extend we should be relaxed about what happens within the lives we lead. Clearly we will never attain complete control over everything that happens. We cannot even know for how long we will live, therefore we are subjected to our own estimates. Which can work quite well for us. Since we do have a degree of control, we do have a say in it. It’s just not absolute.

Your decisions about how you go about your life do affect others around you and ultimately on the whole planet and even in time, at least in one direction.